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Please don’t arrive before the agreed start time. We will be busy cleaning and preparing the boat. If you get to the marina early, go for a coffee or drink in the Haven Bar and Restaurant or go for a walk along the beautiful waterside nature walk.

Ideally give me a ring on 07555 100950 when you are 5 mins away – I’ll come and meet you (if we’ve finished cleaning!)

You should have received the code for the marina facilities from me. If not, please call or message me on 07555 100950. The code gets changed every Wednesday.

Drive straight through the marina. You’ll see the offices and the excellent Haven Bar & Restaurant on your left. There are great ‘5-star’ showers and loos in there. The code will open these for you.

Keep straight on to the second barrier and into the berth holders’ car park. In the season, you will need use the weekly code to open the barrier. Sometimes they

You’ll pass the first “bridgehead” (a gate and ramp down to the pontoons) on your left. There is another set of excellent “4 star” showers and toilets there. Carry on though – you need to park right at the far end of the car park.

You need to access the pontoons from the furthest bridgehead away from the Marina Office. Use the code to open the gate. You will drop down to the pontoons. There is another set of toilets (“3 stars” and no showers) in a Portakabin type building to your left. Turn right and first left onto M pontoon. Walk carefully along for 100 metres or more. You are looking for Berth M23 – about 2/3rds of the way along on your right but you can’t miss Zen Dog – She is moored with her stern in to the pontoon for easy access and she’s got her name in big black letters.

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