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No 240v Power

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The lights are all on the 12v system. They shoud stay on. If the 240v supply fails, you’ll lose the TVs (except upstairs) and the sockets

We’ve only had one issue with this – someone ran everything on board at once (kettle, coffee machine etc) and the system “tripped”

If that happens, here’s what to do:

Call me on 07555 100950. If I’m at home, I’ll pop down and have a look.

If not, Check the shore power cable is plugged into the box on the pontoon. That box should have a red light on it. If not, the pontoon power has failed and you will need to call the marina staff.

They’ll check the shore power cable at the pontoon end.

If you think you might have dislodged the cable at the boat end (unlikely as it connects into the port (left) deck), you MUST unplug at the pontoon end first then unscrew at the boat end and plug back in. If that doesn’t work and the marina staff are sure the power is working on the pontoon, there’s a master trip switch that’s accessible via a hatch into the “garage” at the back of the boat. Show this to the marina staff – I’m sure they’ll help you.

Lift off the cushion that’s furthest away from you as you stand looking at the rear table. You’ll see the hatch. Lift the cover off – take care – it isn’t secured and look down. You’ll see the trip switch. Switch it back into the “up” on position – as shown below:

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