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Opening Zen Dog up

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Zen Dog is securely tied up to her pontoon. Please don’t mess with the ropes. If you are worried that they don’t seem tight enough, call the Marina Office and they’ll gladly pop down and secure her. In a strong westerly wind, she can move up to a metre away from the starboard (right) side pontoon. Don’t worry – this is quite normal. She has to be allowed to move so as not to get damaged if she bobs in the opposite direction to the floating pontoon.

Zen Dog has canvas “camper covers” that protect her stern seating area from bad weather. Open up the door zips on the right hand (starboard) side and, if you want to, roll the door opening cover up. The clips at the top are a bit fiddly.

In nice weather, feel free to roll up all of the camper covers but take great care and make sure that you supervise children.

As you step on board, you are in the cockpit.

You’ll see the “helm” (steering wheel) ahead and on the right. It is normally covered.

You can now turn the cockpit lights on. The switch is on the side of the helm seat. Push once for white lights, twice for funky blue ones

The key you’ve collected opens the door down to the saloon and cabins.

The lock is open when the key is horizontal. However, take care like this – it would be possible for children to lock themselves inside the boat using the deadlock switch inside.

If you turn the key as far as it will go clockwise and remove the key, you’ve triggered a safety catch that prevents anyone inside sliding the deadlock from the open (red) position to the locked position.


Take Extreme Care on the steps down to the saloon. Don’t let kids play on them!

When you reach the bottom of the steps, turn around and look at them. You’ll see the saloon light switches to the left of the steps at eye level.

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