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Please leave by 10am

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·        Leave by 10am. We often have afternoon charters and the skipper turns up early to prepare.

If we don’t you might be able to leave later but you must ask me.

·        Strip the beds

·        Take your rubbish to the bins at the bridgehead

·        Turn off the water heater

·        Switch the heating back to AUTO SMS

·        Lock up, secure the canvas covers, close the roof and return the keys to the office

There’s no need to clean Zen Dog thoroughly but we’d appreciate it if you would strip the beds down to the mattress and pillow protectors, do your washing up and take your rubbish to the bins at the bridgeheads.

Sam the cleaner allows 3 hours of cleaning between guests plus the time taken to launder towels and bedding. If you make a big mess, we reserve the right to hold extra cleaning charges back from your deposit.

If anything breaks or doesn’t work, don’t worry – these things happen. Please let me know or leave a note for Sam so that we can fix it for the next guests.

If you have enjoyed your stay, we’d really appreciate it if you could spare time to write a review on whichever booking site you used – normally booking.com and AirBnb. Many thanks!

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