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There are HD Smart TVs in the saloon (above the sofa), upstairs in the cockpit and in both cabins. They are on swinging arms so can be adjusted to suit your needs.

They only work when Zen Dog is in its berth and connected to shore 240v power.

The upstairs TV is connected to a 12v socket on a trailing cable. Sometimes the plug comes out of the socket and prevents it switching on  – just push it back in.

Please be careful when adjusting the TVs. They don’t move as freely as they would in a house so that they don’t flap about whilst at sea. Ideally pull the mount, not the TV sets themselves.

All three TVs have smart apps – notably BBC iPlayer, NetFlix, and Amazon Prime.

Please use our accounts  – you will wish you hadn’t started if you try to swap to your own accounts – it is a real pain to enter passwords using the remote control and silly onscreen keyboard!

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