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You’ll find that other Berth Holders are very friendly. We all say “hello” to each other. However, they all like their space, peace and quiet. For this reason, Lymington Yacht Haven restricts the number of boats it allows to take overnight paying guests. All of our guests have behaved wonderfully, and our immediate neighbours say they have enjoyed meeting new people. However, there’s still some concern amongst other berth holders and the marina’s owners. So, please don’t disturb anyone else or do anything silly. Please keep the noise down – particularly after 10pm and please don’t use the pontoon as an extension of the boat’s social space. The marina security staff will have no hesitation in throwing you out regardless of the time of day or night if they receive a complaint.

These are BedsonBoard’s terms and conditions. I have included them here as a reminder.

1. General

a. Boats must not leave their mooring

c. Guests on board must not exceed the number of guests booked

d. Alcohol should be consumed responsibly

e. No parties or undue noise

f. No smoking on board

g. Remove all unsuitable shoes before boarding (dark soles or heels likely to cause damage)

h. Observe and follow all signs and rules onboard and onshore


a. Never run near the water or on board

b. Stay within the boat’s cockpit and living area

c. Wear suitable clothing and shoes

d. Watch for any trip hazards

e. Be careful getting on and off the boat

f. Be careful when walking on pontoons

g. Make sure you have a torch(s) for use when going ashore

h. Children and non swimmers should use lifejackets

Please Respect Our neighbours

a. Parties are not allowed

b. Make no more noise than our neighbours

c. Do not have loud music or TV

d. Do not invite other people onto the boat without our prior consent

e. Don’t board or peer through windows of other boats

Respect the environment

a. Observe and follow all signs and rules onboard and onshore

b. Do not throw anything into the water

c. Do not swim in marinas

d. Always dispose of rubbish responsibly

Respect the boat

a. Observe and follow all instructions

b. Do not use any equipment you have not been instructed on

c. Save power and water whenever possible

d. Do not try to move the boat or adjust the mooring in any way

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