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Lymington Yacht Haven has a 24-hour reception and security. If you or a member of your party are involved in any emergency, call them on 01590 677071.

If a member of your party falls into the Marina don’t hesitate to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. This might seem ridiculous – your friend/child has merely slipped in. OK it might be dark and they’ve had a drink and they might have disappeared under a pontoon but you’ll find them… won’t you? Don’t take a chance – call 999 then call the Marina.

The Yacht Haven team will help with issues relating to mains power, mains water and mooring ropes. They will help you with access to the car park, pontoons, showers etc.

For all other issues, please call Mike on 07555 100950 – The video says I live a long way away. We moved! I’m now about 5 minutes from the boat!

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