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Fire Fighting

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Escape routes are shown in Green

Fire extinguisher locations are shown in red

Emergency Exits are via the fore cabin hatch and the companionway steps (both shown green)

Zen Dog has 4 powder fire extinguishers – one in locker behind the helm, another beneath the companionway steps and one in each cabin.

Fire Extinguisher locations (shown in red)

1-below the companionway stairs

2-fore cabin starboard cupboard (not the wardrobe)

3 – Rear cabin wardrobe – with emergency glass break hammer to take out rear cabin window – hit all four corners hard then kick the window out.

4- automatic engine compartment extinguisher

5 – hand held powder extinguisher to the right of the steering wheel.

There are manual fuel cut-off handles below the helm seat (between the starboard side and the helmsman’s legs)

There are fire blankets in the wardrobes shown 2 & 3 plus the galley area.

There’s an interconnected Fire Angel smoke and CO detection system – 4 smoke detectors (including one in the engine compartment) and two CO detectors. if one goes off they all go off!

If fire detected:

·        Leave the boat by the quickest method.

·        Assemble by the loos on the pontoon

·        Call 999 and ask for the Coastguard – they will call fire, ambulance, police etc as required. Call the Marina Security on 01590 677071

·        Don’t tackle the fire yourself

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