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Heating, Ventilation and Air Con

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Upstairs Heating

There’s an electric kitchen plinth style fan heater under the helm/driver’s seat.

Downstairs Heating

Zen Dog has a diesel fired warm air heating system. It is very efficient and quickly warms the accommodation.

There are heater outlets under the sofa, in both cabins and in the bathroom.

Once on board, the controls for the heating are to the left side of the porthole (window) behind the sofa and table.

The controller looks like this:

and here’s a graphic showing its options.

To start the heating in ‘quick start’ mode (heating on, 20c temperature, medium fan speed), just press the button (5). It should light up green.

To switch off, press button (5) again. It should go white.

If you see button (5) lit up blue, that’s ventilation mode only

To adjust the temperature, rotate the big button (6) to the required temperature.

We don’t recommend leaving the heating on at night. It has a habit of coming on full blast and waking everyone up!

The portholes can be opened for ventilation. The main cabin skylight has a bug screen and blackout blind. It can be fully opened if required. Please make sure you shut it before leaving the boat otherwise rain will get in.

The portable air conditioner in the main cabin’s wardrobe vents out of the wardrobe’s porthole using the hose you’ll find in there. If you leave all the cabin doors open, the air con unit will cool the whole interior beautifully.

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