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Risk Assesment

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Take care throughout your stay – there are lots of hazards – particularly:

·        Car Parks – the car park traffic flow isn’t very well designed – take care

·        Pontoons – can be slippery in wet conditions

·        Finger Pontoons (between the boats) – keep off – they are not safe to walk on

·        Stepping Aboard – Mind the gap

·        Electricity Supply – the boat’s electricity supply cable is connected to the shore power outlet behind the starboard (right) corner of the boat. There’s a trip hazard with the blue cable.

·        Side Deck Access – If you venture onto the side decks (and we don’t recommend this) take extreme car – keep one hand on a handrail at all times. Only walk on the non-slip chequered surfaces – not the polished and slippery fibreglass services.

·        Steps down to saloon – very steep. Take care

·        Trap Hazard – electric sliding roof, sliding door to lower saloon, rear garage (you are not permitted to open this)

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