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Staying? Here’s What to Bring With You

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We provide good quality John Lewis bedding and towels for all guests. We provide the special loo rolls needed (probably best not to go into an explanation why!) and there’s always hand soap, washing up liquid, J-cloths, a Tea Towel and cleaning materials.

We make sure there are some Dolce Gusto coffee pods, tea bags and sugar but please replace if you use lots. You won’t get the coffee pods at the Chandlers/Shop on site – you’ll probably need to go to Waitrose.

There’s a hair dryer.

There are USB sockets but you’ll need to bring your charge cables.

Bring coats and maybe an umbrella – Zen Dog is 150 wet soggy metres from the car park. You will find a Zen Dog Charters umbrella on board but please leave it for the next guests.

Don’t bring your stilettos, your dog or your cigarettes. Please don’t smoke or vape anywhere on or in Zen Dog. If you do, we’ll know because our kids’ allergies will flare up and we’ll send you a bill for steam cleaning everything!

If it is warm weather, bring your swimming costume and walk to Lymington’s Lido.

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